The Demon Gabriella

Read an excerpt.

Wondering if you need to read book one first? You can dive right into this novel. (And then go back and read the first to see how it all started.)

Why start with this one? Because it’s new! Also it’s sexy and includes Brie (Gabriella) who is one of my favorite characters to write (and may quickly become one of your favorites to read).

Where can you buy it?

Directly from my publisher as a physical copy or a DRM-free eBook that you can read on any eReader.

From your local independent bookstore. Look on to find your local store and ask them to order you a copy.

Copies are also available on Amazon.

What readers are saying:

“I love modern fantasy, and the way Sabel visualized the universe to do her magic really stood out for me. The demonology was also really interesting, which we learn as Ana does, since she’s the newest in the group to come into the magical paradigm. There was a bit of an American Gods vibe to the mythology. I found myself liking everyone, even adversaries. There was always something interesting about them and something interesting going on.” — James Femmer

“The details and descriptions that Calish gave us made it easy to jump right in and be part of the read. … Even when I put the book down, I was always wondering what was going to happen next and worrying for my favourite characters.” —

The Demon Gabriella is a fantastic follow up to Rachel Calish’s earlier book The Demon Abraxas. Character relationships that were established in the first novel are fully developed here, with a lot of new complications, twists and turns—and very satisfying conclusion.” — Steve Mikayne

“Whether or not I had met her in person, I’d be giving this 5 stars because her demonology,witchcraft, and world building knowledge are outstanding and THAT is what I am looking for whenever I pick up books in this genre. From one demon writer to another, I say ‘Bravo, Rachel! Carry on!’” — Alex Westmore, author of The Silver Legacy series 

“WOW! Thrust into an unfamiliar and imagination-rich world from page one, this story hits the ground running!” — Sterna Kruger

“I would recommend picking the first up if it’s anything like the sequel. This was a fun story with an intriguing plot and plenty of romance. I give it four stars!” — Katie Doyle, Writing, Reading, and Life

The Demon Gabriella happens to be the first LGBT book that I have read in the fantasy genre.  The trend seems to be more realistic fiction BUT all I have to say is we need more LGBT fantasy/paranormal books.” and “ I didn’t  realize it until about half way through so if you have the chance, I would definitely recommend reading The Demon Abraxas.  I read the second one and did just fine but I will definitely be going back to book one!  I want to know more about Sabel and Ana’s back story.” — The Passionate Bookworms



Cover of the Rachel Calish novel The Demon Gabriella