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So then I got hacked

Last week around Oct. 8th. Apparently there was some javascript in my header that redirected people to a porn site. I didn’t see the site myself but I’m assuming it wasn’t good enough porn to improve my brand. Rats.

Anyway, apologies to anyone who tried to get to my site last week and found it blocked by the search engines. We’re back up and running and taking steps to prevent future hackings, and just in time for the launch of The Demon Abraxas!

Head on a platter … remix?

This week’s musical find comes from world music / ambient electronica musician Solace and is titled: “I Want Your Head on a Platter (Remix).” The song is haunting and entertainingly thought-provoking, but I was also delighted by the title. If the word “remix” applied to the title rather than the song itself, what would it be modifying? Does the speaker now want something else on the platter instead of the subject’s head, or having already received his head on the platter, does she want the whole experience remixed? If so, how would you remix that?*

Listen to the song here.

Read about Salome here. (In case you haven’t heard the story to which the song refers.)


* If the Buddha were present, he’d probably ask her to put John the Baptist’s head back on, but that would change the whole course of world religion for the next two millennia.

“You’ve got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down.”

“You must act as if the goal were infinitely far off …. It does not depend on the bow, but on the presence of mind, on the vitality and awareness with which you shoot.”